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Chad Chritton is a 40-year old American man, who lived paycheck to paycheck supporting his wife and children. One of those children is his step-son. After eight years in the Army he was honorably discharged and worked for a health insurance company in Madison, Wisconsin. His last job was driving a truck at Con-Way. Chad is married to Melinda and together with their family they lived in a  middle-class neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. After the birth of their first child, Melinda, now 42 years old, developed some serious medical problems, not the least of which was diabetes. Melinda is losing her eyesight and her joints now are virtually bone on bone, making it difficult for her to get around. Melinda’s health problems have caused her to gain a great deal of weight and her body has taken on a different shape than she previously had known in her life. Melinda, because of her medical problems, could no longer work outside their home. Chad, Melinda and the children barely got by. There was no money for extras, no I-pads, no frills and no savings. Life was hard. But, they had each other, and their faith.

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