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There is no doubt that SLC has significant mental health problems. Chad divorced from his first wife and she was awarded custody of SLC. They lived in Texas and she moved into the home of a registered sex offender. When Chad learned of this he asked his ex-wife to move this man out of her home and away from SLC. She did not and according to SLC, the man sexually assaulted her when she was 9-years-old. Chad learned of this, went to Texas, and fought for custody of SLC. He was successful. His ex-wife relinquished custody to him, and Chad and SLC returned to Wisconsin. From the onset, SLC caused significant problems and Chad and Melinda recognized that SLC had mental health problems. They took SLC to professionals for diagnosis and treatment. Nothing seemed to be working. At the end of 2006, beginning of 2007, Chad took SLC into a hospital for evaluation because SLC had threatened to harm, even kill, family members, including Melinda and the new baby. Chad reported knives were found hidden under SLCís bed. There were other strange behavior exhibited by SLC and after the Meriter Hospital team did their initial evaluation of SLC, they elected to admit SLC to their inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric program and it was their collective opinion that because of the complexity of SLCís behavior, SLC needed 24-hour characterization of her needs and that was essential for accuracy of the diagnosis and selection of the treatment options. SLC was at Meriter Hospital as an inpatient for evaluation for over a month. She was seen by a Board-certified child psychiatrist, evaluated and tested by a highly qualified child clinical psychologist, evaluated by a Board-certified neurologist,



seen by internal medicine doctors, and when it was learned that SLC suffered a significant head trauma while living in Texas, an MRI of her brain was done. During the hospitalization, the professionals learned that SLC had threatened to harm family members, including stabbing Melinda and cutting off her brotherís fingers, that SLC had more than unusual potty practices, that SLC had difficulty with integrating her sense of anger and rage for past maltreatment and abandonment by her biological mother, that SLC likely implemented use of fantasy as a defense toward processing past traumatic events and overwhelming rage for being abandoned by her mother and exposed by her mother to an environment of significant abuse and that SLC engaged in self-mutilation. Also of significant note, the professionals learned from SLC that she had accused her older step-brother, Joshua, of sexually assaulting her. During the hospitalization, SLC admitted she lied about Joshua, he had NOT sexually assaulted her and she claimed the reason she lied about Joshua was she was ashamed she was masturbating. SLC WAS NINE YEARS OLD AT THIS TIME! Joshua Drabek is now again accused by SLC of sexually assaulting her. SLC in her interview with the police tells a very graphic story about this. Chad and Melinda heard this story, indirectly through the police. Joshua was also arrested and is now in jail. SLC has admittedly lied in the past about Joshua sexually assaulting her. Whether she is not telling the truth now is unknown to both Chad and Melinda. The discharge diagnosis at Meriter Hospital for SLC was that she suffered from Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and post-traumatic stress disorder; that she used autistic fantasy as a defense; she had a history of head trauma caused by abuse (when in Texas), and SLC suffered from significant stress within her current family and her abandonment by her biological mother who chose her persecutor over her. The Meriter Hospital team recommended to Chad and Melinda to follow up with mental health treatment for SLC, gave them the name of a psychologist to take SLC to, and they did. Chad and Melinda also sought help from others for treatment for SLCís RAD, and they followed up with the treatments recommended to them.

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