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Not as if this family did not have enough to cope with, in 2009 Joshua now gets into trouble and is removed from Chad and Melinda’s home. Joshua was accused of inappropriately touching his cousin. Joshua was out of the house for approximately 1 year and before the government would allow him to be returned home, Chad and Melinda were told some changes had to be made. A security system had to be installed, with cameras located at certain places within the home. SLC would have to have her sleeping area moved from an upstairs bedroom to the basement and one of the security cameras would have to be installed in SLC’s sleeping area. The government wanted them to install a one-way locking system on the basement door that locked automatically, prohibiting entry to SLC’s sleeping area from the rest of the house, but did not lock or prohibit SLC from coming up into the rest of the house. The government also wanted an alarm system installed so if there was a breach and someone entered SLC’s sleeping area an alarm would sound, alerting everyone of the breach so immediate action could be taken, and also the alarm would sound when SLC came out of her sleeping area so that everyone would know she was in the rest of the house and could be more vigilant in watching out for her safety. Chad and Melinda did everything they were asked to do and the government came to their home and inspected the security system, the door locking system, and the alarm system, and told Chad and Melinda it was satisfactory before the government would allow Joshua to return home. When Joshua did return home, he got SLC’s old bedroom upstairs. The government told Chad and Melinda this all had to be done.SLC told Chad and Melinda she did not think it was fair that she had to have her bedroom and be moved to the basement, which she did not like, while Joshua got a bedroom upstairs. During the time period from 2007 forward, the time period the government says Chad and Melinda did all these terrible things to SLC, there were many times agencies of government came into Chad and Melinda’s home. They saw, and some spoke with, SLC. Joshua is on probation in 2011 and the beginning of 2012 and people from that department, on several occasions, came into their home. Recall the government wanted to protect SLC from Joshua so it is reasonable to assume they were keeping a close eye on that. They saw SLC. Not one report that anything was wrong in this home or with SLC. As part of SLC’s RAD therapy, their neighbors reported seeing SLC being made repeatedly to do menial tasks, including rolling cement blocks around, and they reported that to Human Services. Human Services did respond to their home and not once, out of all the times they came, did they report anything wrong or find SLC had been abused. In fact, Chad had been informed that on each visit Human Services found the allegations unfounded.


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