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There is no corroborating evidence of any type of physical abuse. The government’s case is built entirely upon the word of a 15-year-old, who has admitted to lying, and has been diagnosed by a child psychologist of having serious mental health problems.

The alarm system was installed after the government forced Chad Chritton and Melinda Drabek to install it. The alarm system was inspected by the government before Melinda Drabek’s oldest son was allowed to return to the family home. It was designed as protection for SLC, to alert Chad or Melinda if security had been breached and someone entered SLC’s area or if SLC left her bedroom to alert Chad or Melinda so they could watch out for her and protect her.

The locking mechanism was controlled by the person IN the basement. It would lock people OUT of the basement, and prevent people from entering SLC’s sleeping area. The locking system was one-way, it did not lock SLC out from entering the rest of the house.

Myth vs. Fact

SLC has always been a very slight build. She was a premature baby. As confirmed by independent witnesses, SLC refused to eat for extended periods of time. Before this event, none of the health care professionals that saw SLC ever told Chad or Melinda that she was malnourished or starved. SLC told the healthcare professionals that she suffered from anorexia.

Myth: SLC was starved, which is why she weighed 70 pounds.

Myth: SLC was locked in the basement.

Myth: The alarm system was installed to alert people if SLC tried to eat.

Myth: SLC was beaten.


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