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I worked with Chad for several years. I feel I know him well, although we were never social friends. When I first heard about the things he was accused of I could not believe it, and I still do not believe it. Simply put, Chad is just not that type of man and he would never do anything to harm his daughter. Of this I am certain. When I think of Chad, the first thing I remember is all the conversations we had. Those conversations were always on two subjects, his daughter SLC and the Army. He loves them both and will tell you all about them, over and over, and in detail. Chad was always taking SLC to the childrenís museum in downtown Madison. Chad never had money and these were inexpensive learning experiences for SLC, that she enjoyed and he enjoyed by being with her. There were also trips to the zoo and other places that SLC enjoyed, that were at no or little cost. All of us who worked with Chad used him as a resource to direct us to places our children could enjoy at little or no cost, and he always shared that information with us. I also remember all the pictures. Chadís work area was covered with photographs of a smiling SLC, and SLC and him, and their family, at the childrenís museum, the zoo, and other places. It was not infrequent that Melinda would bring SLC over to work to see Chad on lunch break. I would observe SLC get out of the car, run to Chad, with a smile on her face, and hug him. It was clear to anyone who looked how much Chad loved SLC. You cannot fake this. I do not believe that a man who loves his daughter as much as Chad loves SLC, would ever starve her, physically abuse her, or hurt her in anyway. SLC was always, when I saw her, a slight-built child, so saying that she is slight-built now does not mean to me that Chad abused his daughter.


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